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In a world of noise and speed, Many may lose sight of the importance of intimate and deep relationships in their lives. Intimacy between the two partners is one of the most important aspects that need constant care and strengthening to achieve balance and happiness.

Sometimes women are greatly affected and lose their passion for intimacy, Either because of the life pressures of caring for children and performing life responsibilities, Or because of age.

So we will address some tips and techniques that help strengthen intimacy and make it more solid and deep.

Spending time together:
Spending time with your partner helps strengthen emotional bonds. Times can be allocated for joint activities, Whether hobbies, or exercise, Or even just sit together quietly.

Other Party’s Discretion:
Expressing appreciation and gratitude strengthens the relationship and makes the other party feel important and worthy. Positive words and sincere praise can have a significant impact on a relationship.

Relationship Renewal:
It is necessary to look for ways to renew the relationship and break the routine, Like trying new activities together or going on trips to discover new places.

Strengthening intimacy and arousal for women is not an easy task, But it carries with it a lot of happiness and satisfaction. Mutual attention and constant effort are the key to a solid and lasting intimate relationship.
Duration of saturation of the wife
The topic of “the duration of the wife’s gratification” is a sensitive and complex one, Because it concerns different psychological and physical aspects that vary from person to person. There is no fixed standard that can be applied to all relationships or individuals, Emotional and physical needs vary greatly between individuals.

In this context, It is important to focus on communication and mutual understanding between the two partners. Open dialogue about desires and expectations can help achieve a deeper understanding and contribute to satisfying both parties.

It is always advisable to speak with a professional counselor or doctor in case of any queries or concerns related to aspects of intimacy, They can provide the most specialized and understanding advice on personal circumstances.
Normal ejaculation duration in men
The duration of ejaculation in men varies greatly from person to person, It is influenced by several factors, including age, health status, psychological state, and other factors. There is no fixed criterion that defines “natural” in this context, The duration can range greatly from a few minutes to a longer period.

According to some medical studies, It is believed that the average duration of ejaculation after the start of intimacy is between 5 and 6 minutes, But this is just an average and is not considered a fixed standard for everyone.

in any relationship, It is important to focus on honest and open communication between the two partners to understand the needs and desires of each party. Understanding and compatibility in intimacy must come through dialogue and mutual understanding, And not through predetermined criteria.

It is also important to emphasize that quality is often more important than quantity in this aspect. Intimacy should be a satisfying and comfortable experience for both partners, No matter how often.

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